Monday, October 22, 2007

He's Legal

Well, he is legal. Twenty-one. I meant to do this post yesterday, the real birthday, but I didn't. I actually keep postponing my posts until I can learn to post a picture (again), but that never seems to happen. But back to the point, there was a celebration in Murun, Mongolia yesterday for our favorite missionary boy. It is his Golden Birthday, which means he is 21 on the 21st, so this calls for 21 gifts. He'll get them in exactly one month when he returns....he had to settle for a silly package of things he can consume or throw away before the luggage weigh-in. So Happy Birthday Golden Boy...we could not be more proud of you or more excited for your return to us. Let the good times roll.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Trip to Target

I made a quick run to Target yesterday afternoon. I intended to be there only 5 minutes because ALL I needed was dryer sheets. I figured I had a better shot at an "in and out" experience there than at the grocery store, since the echo monster has taken up residence in the refrigerator. Incorrect.

I made the mistake of entering through the garden center. Of course. When I checked out I had in my basket:

Two hanging unusual pink and yellow petunia combo, and a stunning dark fushia-ish purple petunia basket. They were such a bargain.

Two 6 packs of dwarf snapdragons.

Two seed packets of marigolds. (Are you seeing a trend here?)

New gardening scissors. Mine have disappeared off the face of the earth.

One car (from Cars) for Devlin. (I think I enjoy collecting them for him more than
he does.)

A Christmas gift for Chloe. (Are you seeing another trend here?)

And last but not least, 2 packages of dryer sheets. Pretty expensive dryer sheets, wouldn't you say?

I think we can safely say that two of my weaknesses in life are my grandchildren and my garden. (And maybe Target!)

Speaking of grandchildren, happy birthday Zachary! I can't believe you are six!

Friday, October 5, 2007


Probably everyone agrees we are glad the weekend is approaching. For some reason I'm really glad this week. Maybe because

a. it is conference weekend, and not only does that mean a feast of new talks, a chance to recharge the inner batteries, and relax, but also
b. there will be a lovely lack of meetings and excessive errand running...
c. it will mark the end of a less than fully productive week...
d. in between doses of conference, there will be grass to mow and dirt to dig. Wahoo! What more could I ask?

Go Friday.