Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Last week this adorable child
had a *sleep-over*
at Granny's house.
We spent some time out
on the swings and running around
in the lush, green grass.
We discovered
that Spring has Sprung!

We found that popcorn is indeed
popping on the apple tree!

Eve learned that these are
petunias...and that soon
{if Mr. Sunshine ever lingers long enough}
they will be covered with many
more blossoms. She also
learned how to
She learned how the dead
blooms look only a little different
than the blooms that
are getting ready
to unfold.

She learned that pansies
have faces and evoke
special memories of
*my* grandparents
...and my mom.

She thinks that snapdragons
have silly names.
{She should hear Maggie, our
GPS navigator voice, pronounce
snapdragon. She says it
snap drag on with
great emphasis on
the "on." We know this
because there is a
street in Colorado Springs
named Snapdragon. Isn't that
a lovely street name?}

And she learned that my personal
favorite pot at the moment
would have to be
these violas.
Spring personified.

Love you Eve.
Thanks for playing
in my garden.