Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Four Yards

What you see here
might be four yards
of "native compost."

In my humble
{yet correct}
opinion, it is
four yards of
hard work.

But I know I'll love it
when I get it
where I want it.

BTW, when Chloe watched the
giant dump truck
unload on our
driveway, it was
rather upsetting to her.
"Oh no, they are going to
make a big mess! They
are making a very big

Truer words were never
spoken, Chloe.
Very insightful.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


hopper's 'hood

a happy place to buy
bibs & burp cloths

Bibs $12
Burp Cloths $12
Mix & Match 2/$20

Corduroy*Hand Made*Washable*Snap Closure


Burp Cloths

Mix & Match

And there's lots more
where they
came from!

My favorite way
to display...
worn with style
by my

let me know if you are interested...
just send me an email order