Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monkeys Off My Back

I had a little issue with flooding yesterday.
But it was a *productive* flood.
I defrosted the freezer.
Those of you who know my ancient freezer well (Devlin, Eve, Chloe) know it was *l*o*n*g* overdue.
Those of you who know my freezer well also know that two tablecloths have been in there many months?
Why, you ask? To freeze the wax spilled on them so I could scrape it off easily.
{I'm happy to report I scraped it off, pressed the rest out with a hot iron and paper bags, laundered them, and they are ready to have more wax spilled on them. I'm happy...they were *cute* ones.}
Why were they in there so long??? Good question. Really good question. No good answer.
I live in the land of procrastination.
Back to the heavens. Not too serious, just hard to keep up with the effects of freezer warming when you wait so very long to defrost. And it would have helped to stay home and take care of it instead of doing a million other things at the same time. Bad idea. Productive, however.
But two happy things! My freezer and tablecloths are restored to their intended purposes, and two very large monkeys are off my back. Now aren't you so proud of me?