Monday, February 21, 2011

There have been lots of emotions and feelings surfacing the last couple of days. Love, fear, compassion, fury, annoyance, happiness, joy, giddiness, relief, worry, gratitude, and hope, to name a few. It isn't natural to watch your child lay in a hospital bed. Every instinct is to want to make it better, and your hands are tied. You have to trust others to know what is best for your baby. Can they possibly know how to take care of your baby?

Though there have been some scary moments, things are looking up, and gratitude is the over-riding emotion of the day. God is in His heaven. He knows our needs. He knows.

Sorry if this is dramatic. But the situation has been a little dramatic. There have been some silver linings, though. I've spent about 15 hours of quality one-on-one time with my daughter in the last 2 days, during which time we have managed to laugh and have some hysterical moments. Life is good.

{And P.S. the fury and annoyance were not directed at my sweet patient. Inefficiencies and incompetence are just not acceptable when so much hangs in the balance. Grr.}

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day of Typing

It doesn't seem like
it should take
so much
Really, it is just a folder
with info in it.
Info is hard
to track
sometimes. And
I wanted the
best info for
my peeps.
And decisions are hard
{for me}
to make. Like
really, really hard.
I think about
how they
are going to affect
everyone, and
what might be
better, and what will
be worse,
and who will
get mad.
Ha Ha.
What were
they thinking
when they
asked me
to be
Stake Camp
I'm decision challenged.
I'm not a camper.
I don't really relish the spotlight.
I'm not the rah-rah type.
I love Young Women.
I have a testimony
of their worth.
And their goodness.
So I will try not to whine.
And I will type away.
I'm a Believer!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day of Love

On this, the day o' love, I thought it would be appropriate to return to the blogging world to express some of the love o' my heart. In no particular order:

I love that when I open my blog, it isn't horrifically purple. Thanks, Holly, for the re-design.
I love her.
I love living.
I love my family.
I love Valentine's Day.
I especially love my Valentine.
I love flowers.
I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I love late night/after date chats.
I love random acts of kindness.
I love Sunday dinner.
I love 70 degree weather.
I love 80 degree weather.
I even love 90 degree weather.
I love rain.
I love light.
I love cute shoes.
I love digging around in the dirt.
I love wandering around in the plant nursery.
I love babies.
I love old people.
I love smiles.
I love hugs.
I love orderliness.
I love reading.
I love having grandchildren.
I love pie.
I love music.
I love hooded sweatshirts.
I love the scriptures.
I love my sisters.
I love my parents.
I love all my relatives, come to think of it!
I love blue skies & sunshine.
I love mountains & canyons.
I love sitting around a fire.
I love birthdays.
I love my neighbors.
I love freedom.
I love having friends.
I love going out to lunch (oh, and dinner and breakfast.)
I love having a plan.
I love hot soup on a cold day.
I love cookies.
I love color.

I love thinking about the things I love. It makes me grateful for my life just how it is. How could I be so lucky? With all the ups and downs and knowns and unknowns, I have a lot to love. Happy Valentine's Day! Have a LOVE-ly one.