Monday, January 19, 2009


Apparently it wasn't
Elder Dixon
in the
Here's a little paragraph
from his
letter today.

"But, on a more somber note, I am crumbling under my guilt, folks...I really am sorry to inform you that it wasn't me in the Ensign...I didn't think I would trick you!! That Elder just happened to look exactly like me. Elder Babcock was reading the Ensign when we were in Slovenia, and he turned to me and said, "Is that you??", and I said "Is that me???" It was crazy. I thought I was looking at a pic of myself! So, I came up with the deceiving idea to tell my fam it was me, and made up a whole story to go along with it... :( My bad!! Now, people are writing me, telling me I'm famous and that they have told friends and stuff. I didn't think you would fall for it! Hahahha...I apologize, y'all. That was really natural man style...I hope you can forgive. Haha, that's funny.

So.....sorry to lie.

But I still think it is him.
Maybe someone
took that picture
at the MTC when he
was practicing
and he didn't
know it.
It is the hand gesture.
So Ryan.
Or not.
Or is it?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

Well, you will have to read, because I'm not smart enough to figure out how to post the picture here. But if you have the January Ensign, turn to page 7 (in the First Presidency message) and see our very own Elder Dixon (and Elder Jensen) teaching some Ukranian people in Croatia. Kinda nice pic, I have to say. Made me happy.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

How Fun is This?

Four girls.
One boy.
Six years old, going on seven.
Excited about new CTR rings.
Experts at coloring.
Cuter than cute.
One very cool co-teacher.

A little slice o' heaven.
I'm so excited!