Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Letter to My Cold

Dear Cold,

I don't like you.
You are cramping my {busy} lifestyle.
You are making simple things difficult...
{like breathing and sleeping.}
I know it was probably "my turn" but
did you have to come at such an
inconvenient time?

But I've gotta say, you have had one
*positive* influence.
You sure make me appreciate feeling
good when you are not around.
I'm grateful for that.
So incredibly grateful.

Oh, and I'm also incredibly grateful for
You know, Sudafed, NyQuil, Tylenol...
they rock.
They rock hardcore.

Have a happy, everyone. May you breathe,
sleep and be merry!


The Wizzle said...

Oh, poo! We've had colds going around our house already too. Tis the season.

Hope you're better very soon!

angieinpink said...

true that.
no fun.
times five.

go you for still planning & carrying out a cozy-christmas combined activity at your festively decorated home tonight!

hope it went amazing.

your partner in sick-dom

runningfan said...

Sorry you're sick. May good health return soon!

girlygirl said...

Sorry you've been under the weather! We had something similar this week too! I, too, am grateful for breathing! Get well soon!