Monday, January 12, 2009

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

Well, you will have to read, because I'm not smart enough to figure out how to post the picture here. But if you have the January Ensign, turn to page 7 (in the First Presidency message) and see our very own Elder Dixon (and Elder Jensen) teaching some Ukranian people in Croatia. Kinda nice pic, I have to say. Made me happy.


angieinpink said...

so excited!

i am going to deseret book asap to purchase a copy.

ya know: because i'm awesome & my subscription expired.

runningfan said...

I had to hunt around for my magazine, but it was SO exciting to see Ryan's face and totally-Ryan-gesture on the page! What a cool thing. That's two kids in the Ensign now, right? Who's next? :)

rachel said...

that makes me super happy too.
i totally looked it up...and sure enough!!!!!!!
ps. i posted what you asked about!