Monday, March 23, 2009

Aforementioned Project

I mentioned earlier
I was busy with
This is one of them,
made for
Baby Girl Bartle
for her baby shower
held in Oregon a
few weeks ago.

When I found this
pink and brown
corduroy, I
had to have it.

It took some
perseverance to
find it.
Making it was
the easy
It was so worth every
phone call,
internet search,
and email. :)
Wear it
well, baby,
wear it well.
There's a little
love in
every stitch!


Stephanie said...

that looks super soft/comfy.
not to mention darling.

angieinpink said...'s soooooooo cute.

bgb is going to love it. (:

runningfan said...

For the record, it's to die for, and knowing how much effort it took to come together makes me love it that much more.

And she neglected to mention it was a huge surprise!!! Even better.

reddladybug said...


The Wizzle said...

It's perfect! Baby Girl Bartle has a very cute little setup already.