Monday, April 13, 2009

The Infamous Sleep Genes

Some of the Dixon clan
have what we
affectionately call

"the sleep gene."
AKA, when we go to sleep,
we enter a "zone."
Like the twilight zone.
We are pretty sure
the gene came
from the Clodhopper
pool. {I have a few weird
sleep stories myself.
Do you add
or multiply your teeth?}
So this cute boy o' mine came
over last night.
Ate dinner.
Had some good conversation.
Took a snooze on the couch.
His mischievous bro decided it would
be funny to load all the cushions
from the larger couch across the room
on top of said twilight zone sleeper.
Did the boy even
notice? Or wiggle so much as
an eyelash?
Um, that would be a "no."
Can't tell you how
many conversations I've
had with my
on the phone,

only to find out later
that they have no memory
of it. As in none.
But cell phone
histories don't lie.
Ask my

sleepwalking daughter
about her mailbox
adventure. Or the

child about the
3 hour shower.
you've just
be there
to believe it.
{Or have
your camera ready.}

Love you, sweet sleeper.
We will miss our
family spark plug
you wow the folks
in Atlanta.
God Speed
my friend.
{And yes,
we will miss
these Kodak moments.}

And dude...
get some sleep!


runningfan said...

This is hilarious!!! We'll miss Eric, too. :)

LittleG said...

LOL! So befitting of both Eric and David! Thanks for sharing.

The Wizzle said...

Yes, I'm afraid my little boy is afflicted/blessed/whatever with this gene too.

Eric will be missed by all! I hope nothing bad happens to him when he's far away, without his family members to wake him up periodically and keep him from sleepwalking into traffic or something...:)

HollyOak said...

If I remember correctly, the same thing happened one of the last times I was down there, only it involved sleepwalking just far enough to take a nap on the stairs. :)

Paul Dalton said...

Funny stuff. Great picture. He would be easy to anesthetize.

Holl Doll said...

Oh yes, i can attest to these things you speak of.. i'm afraid i have full effect of the genes..

I'm gonna miss ya ed!

granny said...

Haha, Paul, the last time he was anesthetized, he was c.r.a.z.y. It was when we had his wisdom teeth out. It took him about three hours to come out of it and be "normal." It actually scared me. He kept talking about the hole in his face and the horses...and the Nazi's. :)

granny said...
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Eric Dixon said...

Much appreesh, and much love, my peeps!

See ya'll post Fat-lanta!

angieinpink said...

omg. hilar beyond hilar. great post, c-hop.

perhaps we shall remember the time i planned an entire enrichment {sloppy note taking included} with a fellow ward member, over the phone: whilst sleeping.

the dixon sleeping genes make for good/embarrassing stories.

aw, ewic. i will miss his face.

girlygirl said...

Wow - that's all I have to say! I wish I could sleep like that! I wear earplugs and take meds to get my zzz's. Funny, funny picture! :)