Thursday, May 21, 2009

Drama in the 'Hood

The afternoon started out
pretty peacefully.
Granny picked the
lilacs and
brought a little
spring cheer into
the house.
Gavin's down for his nap,
and she hears him
quietly talking. The quiet
talking suddenly turns
into a panicky scream,
so Granny investigates.

This cute, chubby
little leg
is wedged... here. {furthest
opening to the right}
Mommy comes
running, and
the two of them
try and try and try
to "unstick"
little leg, but to
no avail. No
amount of dismantling
the crib will change
the position of the slat
{or the leg.}
Daddy is called at work
and immediately
hops in car for home.
Granny and Mommy
decide to grease
up the leg.
Leg is free!
Crying/screaming stops!
Sawing of crib slat
not needed. Whew.
Daddy arrives.
Daddy gets hero's welcome.
He deserves it.

Granny's new
best friend.

Was I upset?
Was my foot turning purple?
I forgot.
Smiles have
Granny breathes.


runningfan said...

Way to turn a dramatic episode into something funny. I'm so glad his little leg isn't broken. And that we didn't bust out the saw. You are brilliant.

The Wizzle said...

So scary! How did he get it in there so tightly? Good thinking on the grease. Dang, I am missing all the "fun" up there! :)

angieinpink said...

that gave me anxiety.

glad you are okay, little gav.

ps: granny breaths = lol.

LittleG said...

Thanks silent hero Granny!

becky said...

hey friend! have a great time in colorado!!! can't wait for our shine on reunion! c:

angieinpink said...

miss ya...(:

see you coloradoians soon.