Tuesday, April 21, 2009


One treat you can
almost always count
on at Granny's...

Otherwise known
as otter pops,
a few thousand
of these have
been consumed
in this
The current
Elder Dixon
doesn't even have
to cut the
tops off. He
ripping them open
with his teeth.
{faster, he says}
OP's were a favorite
after a long
day of landscaping
in the AZ sun.

Those are not
the grandchildren
in that picture.
It is their parents.
How old are those aprons
anyhow? Um, OLD.
That apron was made at
a kiosk at University Mall back
in the day with this
amazing "new" technology.
Back before we had ever
heard of blogs
or imagined how many
households would have
personal computers.
We actually
called people to
keep in touch.

So archaic. But
I wouldn't be
surprised if
OP's existed...
even then.

And Iris, your
turn is
color do you want?

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Infamous Sleep Genes

Some of the Dixon clan
have what we
affectionately call

"the sleep gene."
AKA, when we go to sleep,
we enter a "zone."
Like the twilight zone.
We are pretty sure
the gene came
from the Clodhopper
pool. {I have a few weird
sleep stories myself.
Do you add
or multiply your teeth?}
So this cute boy o' mine came
over last night.
Ate dinner.
Had some good conversation.
Took a snooze on the couch.
His mischievous bro decided it would
be funny to load all the cushions
from the larger couch across the room
on top of said twilight zone sleeper.
Did the boy even
notice? Or wiggle so much as
an eyelash?
Um, that would be a "no."
Can't tell you how
many conversations I've
had with my
on the phone,

only to find out later
that they have no memory
of it. As in none.
But cell phone
histories don't lie.
Ask my

sleepwalking daughter
about her mailbox
adventure. Or the

child about the
3 hour shower.
you've just
be there
to believe it.
{Or have
your camera ready.}

Love you, sweet sleeper.
We will miss our
family spark plug
you wow the folks
in Atlanta.
God Speed
my friend.
{And yes,
we will miss
these Kodak moments.}

And dude...
get some sleep!