Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Corduroy Couch

Long, long ago
we purchased a velvet,
striped couch. Our

It was approximately
1980-ish and
we had lived in our

house for a couple
of years. {We bought

a piano first, and it was alone in
our living room for quite some time.}

This couch graced our living
room for many a year.

We also bought two of
these hogs to go with it.

{You know you are jealous.}

One of them still resides
in this house. {Hate to admit it,
but it is true...the rocker is very loved.}

This couch has seen
a lot of things

over the years.
It has lived in
two states, had babies
lurping on it, little kids losing
legos in it, teenagers
losing their keys
in it, and probably

every kind of candy has
found its way between

the cushions.

The corduroy couch {as it has
affectionately been named} has
been in Dixon Suite #5
for quite some time and

has had various and sundry
"owners." The poor
thing has been mended by
hand a time or two, but
recently the thread
decided it was tired of holding
things together, and just gave up.
The poor, threadbare fabric

is not far behind.

Personally, I've been ready for
*quite some time*
to show the corduroy
couch the door,
but when suggested,
a barrage of dissent
echoes throughout the house.

One particular girl
wants her shot at having the
corduroy couch in
her room.

So, this week I dutifully

unzipped the cushion covers, removed
the cushions, and put the sewing machine
through her paces and

the corduroy couch.

You know, it doesn't look so
bad when it is all
cleaned up!
The big question now is....
Why DID I wait so long????????????


angieinpink said...

bless the courdory couch's heart.

angieinpink said...

ahem, *c-o-r-d-u-r-o-y

runningfan said...

I'm shocked that the post about the corduroy couch included no mention of the stowaway toy! :)

The Wizzle said...

Ha! The couch! She might as well have it too, it makes a better story this way. You know, though, you'll probably have to keep it around until Holly moved out so it can be the first couch in her house, too. That's a few more years, so it's a good thing you've gotten a second wind for the thing!

neeners said...

I remember when that couch was new!!

sandalloons44 said...

Blessing's to you and the couch!
It is similar of what I had when we grew up and didn't want to part with. The deal is things today aren't comfortable as they were and today's comfort can be $$$. yikes.
Your cute now I know where angie gets her spunk and vinegar. :)

HooHoo said...

Way to go Claudia! Well done!

"Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without." ~S W Kimball

I personally think that is our 2010motto. I'd say there is at least another decade of use in this one.