Saturday, March 29, 2008


It was a day of celebration in the Dixon household today. Mark finally is as old as I am again, and has entered the hallowed halls of senior citizenship. We had a little *family get together* to wish him a happy birthday. Happy birthday, beloved boy!

And then a couple of hours later, Holly was honored prior to the General YW Broadcast because she has *completed* the requirements for her YW Recognition Award at the tender age of barely 14 (she was the youngest one honored tonight.) Congrats, Holly, we are SO proud of you!

She was also the only one who had *brothers* show up to support her. Way to go, brothers, and thanks for participating in the photo op. Oh, and P.S. the YW Conference was soooo good. Catch it on BYU TV if you weren't there!

And in parting, I just had to introduce you to the *cutest* ducks who showed up on our front lawn this week. They almost came in the house when I opened the door. So friendly! I wish some grandkids had been here to share the fun!

...Ta Ta For Now



Go Holly! And cute hair, mom. Love the color.

Mark Dixon said...

Hi Claudia:

Enjoyed your blog. Made me a bit homesick!


rach bec. said...

i am SO SO SO excited to see you and mark next weekend!! i SO SO SO wish i could see my other favorite arizonans. (aka your fam!)

angieinpink said...

I heart my dad.
And my mom.
And ED.
And R-dawg.
And Hollar.
And the ducks.

Great post momma...did you figure out how to suck the pictures onto the comp? I'm proud of you.

The Wizzle said...

Congrats Holly! You blow me out of the water, I don't think I finished that sucker until I was 17 and 364 days. And happy birthday Mark! I'm so sorry we couldn't be there, but we were sure thinking about you all.

granny said...

No, Sigh, Angie I did not learn. Mark did it for me. :(

The Fletchies said...

So for selfish reasons I am really glad Holly got her yw medallion because now we can hold it over Julia's head that she needs to get it done since Holly already has. For not so selfish reasons good for her! That is amazing that she got it at fourteen. We are all very impressed with her and ryan and eric for coming to see her get the award.