Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Week's Top Ten List

of furniture stores visited in one day (Saturday.) How fun is that? {Thanks for letting me tag along, Amy.}

9. Number of blunders made while conducting RS today. I actually stopped counting; I'm sure it was more. Every other 4th Sunday the YW President gets the honors in the combined YW/RS opening exercises. You'd think I'd get better at it, but no, no I don't.

8. Number of bite sized Snickers eaten while filling Easter baskets. This was exactly 8 more than planned.

7. Number of days I did not succeed in eating pre-planned healthy cuisine. See #8.

6. Number of people here for Easter dinner. So quiet. Missed you, D,R,D&E, M,A,&C. Lovely dinner out on the patio, though!

5. Number of days this week I slept in and rejoiced over Spring Break! Oh yes, also the number of dresses ordered on-line and returned. How many ugly dresses are there in this world, anyway? Too many. Far too many. Definitely one of those *not to be repeated* incidents.

4. Number of days I did my Pilates workout. Go me. Someday I will look like the *super-model strongest woman on earth in the black ponytail with 5% body fat* on the DVD.

3. Number of quilts finished...oh wait, I still have to bind one. I'm still counting it.

2. Number of dresses and hats completed for my adorable Chloe and Eve. So fun.

1. Number of Easter egg hunts held in the back yard for local grandkids. Missed you Z,T&G! Oh, and don't forget the super fancy hot dog grilling fest held afterward. Sweet memories.

0. Number of times I got up at 6:00 a.m. this week. Pure bliss. No kidding.



Fun post, Granny!

Emmy Z. said...

Love it. I did something similar last fall:

Thanks for keeping me entertained while I'm supposed to be working. ;)

The Wizzle said...

Now *that* is a good list! Thanks for being such an awesome Granny. We sure missed you guys!