Friday, May 2, 2008

News Flash

Yes, yes, Ryan got his mission call today. Here's the short version:

Slovenia/Croatia Mission
Reports to MTC July 30, 2008
Croatian language

We are feeling very excited, very happy, and very, very blessed.


O'Loughlin Family said...

Tell Ryan congratulations. If he ( and your family ) is interested there is a great restaurant here that is 100% authentic East Euro food. Mainly Bulgarian, but there is a ton of food from Serbia and croatia on the menu. So excited for him to go over there. He is going to need to start getting used to the most sour yogurt in the world. He will have it every day.

O'Loughlin Family said...

The name of the place is Mirage. it is a bit of a drive at 35th ave and Greenway. I promise that it is totally worth it. you have to get the shopska salad and pljeskovitsa is absolutely ridiculously delicious. Again, little far to drive, but just like putting that first spray of water on a newly planted garden, it will all be worth it.

Coree Adams said...

Oh my! Congrats Ry! That is so amazing! We are so excited for you bud!

joeyship said...

Tell Ryan we are all very excited for him. What a wild and crazy place to go!!!!!!