Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Devlin spent the night.
That led to a fun morning, with Granny and Devlin entertaining themselves with waffle blocks from way back when.
I present to you the castle. And the houses. I introduced the concept of a village, but "no, they are houses" Devlin says.

And this, my friends, is a "house car."
And a very cute boy.

Later in the day, this adorable child came to visit.
She set the table for Mr. Pig....

...talked on the phone, and furnished the doll house quite masterfully.

Pretty much my favorite.


Stephanie said...

you are obviously VERY good at grannyhood.

i love it, too.

The Fletchies said...

and my darling you wear it well. and have the cutest grandkids. the end.

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The Wizzle said...

Oh, I just saw this! Devlin had SUCH a good time with the waffle blocks (that's what they're called! I was trying to describe them to avid and failing miserably). Thanks for being an awesome Granny.