Sunday, September 14, 2008

This Girl

Who came in second for Taylor at the first cross country meet last week?

Who came in fourth over all with three schools competing in said meet?
Who got invited to run with Mesa High at an Invitational on Saturday?

This girl.

And who is proud of her?
Um, that would be me.

{Way to go, Holldoll.}


angela dunn said...

Hollar, you're a rockstar. Way to be!!

runningfan said...


Holl Doll said...

aww, thanks mom :)

The Fletchies said...

Holly- will you please share the running need with me? I'm in desperate need. Thanks tons!

Hedquists said...

Hey, I don't know if you will read this or not. . . this is Jill (Bryce's daughter). I stumbled upon your blog again. We were just talking about you guys yesterday. My dad said your kids are runners. I read the part about Holly running cross country in your blog! We are big into cross country. My daughter Meghan, she is a sophomore this year, is running cross country for Davis High. She ran as a freshman, too. Isn't Holly a freshman? Anyway, if you get this, let me know. Our e-mail is My sister Jenny does a blog for our family, but I don't know how you get linked to it. It is I am still really new to this blogging thing! Anyway, Meghan will be running in Tempe at Regionals on November 22nd. How far is that from where you guys live?? Way to go Holly! Cross Country runners RULE! One of Meghan's favorite quotes is "Real athletes run, others just play games!"