Friday, September 11, 2009

I Have A Few Questions

I decided to spend a little
time reclaiming my
yard from the ravages
of neglect and the effects
of living on the
surface of the sun.
The first question that
came to my mind:
Why have the marigolds in the picture
above become forlorn brown
sticks, but the weeds..oh the weeds!...
flourish {and reproduce
at an alarming rate?}

Second question:
Could this crackling mass
of brown possibly have
been a thriving, producing
tomato plant a few
weeks ago?
I actually know the answer to
that one. Believe it or
not, it is a *yes.*

Third question:
How could the
bush above be the same
variety as the
one below?

Another question...
how are we so lucky
as to have
plants that really
love the heat?

Last question:
Do you think I ought
to trim my snail vine?


•stephanie• said...

i have a question, too.
any suggestions as to a vine i could plant in my pool area that would eventually cover my "pretty" cinder block fence with green lushness?
one wall faces south and the other faces east.
{r.i.p. tomatoes.}

runningfan said...

You are hilarious. Way to make the most of living on the surface of the sun.

The Wizzle said...

I only think you should trim your snail vine if you ever want to be able to use your grill again! It looks like it has serious designs on the thing.

I love that snail vine, because it's so life-affirming to see something thriving in this...I don't know, calling it "heat" doesn't really seem strong enough, does it? I don't know how anything survives. Can't say I blame your poor tomatoes. That's how I felt this morning running errands!

angieinpink said...


i love this post.

and the snail vine. i vote no trimming. i like it all plotting to take over the world makes me happy.

girlygirl said...

I love it--"the surface of the sun"--so well put! You know, I have stuff like that going on in my yard and I don't have the heat excuse. I am just not green-thumb inclined!

sandalloons40 said...

your hilarious! {and cute} :)