Monday, September 7, 2009

Oh Zinnias, How I Loved Thee

I'm not gonna lie.
I had a hard time pulling you out today.
Even though most of your
foliage that was supposed to be green
and lush was crusty and brown.
Your pink and orange goodness
has made me happy these
many weeks.
I felt a bit like a murderess,
but my conscience was assuaged
by cutting the few of you
that have survived the
fiery furnace
and placing you
in a bowl of honor on my
kitchen table for


angieinpink said...

chloe walked out this morning:

"aw! where all the flowers go? oh no! what are we going to do?"


those zinnias are happy. i shall miss them too.

[ps: you aren't a murderess]

runningfan said...

Hey, I was planning on a zinnia post today! Mine are finally thriving! Pink and orange are very, very cute. Mine are red.

The Wizzle said...

See, I don't mind to see them go because I know if a few weeks we'll have something new and gorgeous in their place!

Stephanie said...

seriously . . .


is it over yet?

bring on the geraniums, please!

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

You had some that survived the furnace? I had like one. And I already asked Amanda if I could put in new stuff and she yes. Yes!