Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just Sayin'

A few random facts about the last several weeks:

I love when family visits. I have a really hard time washing the finger prints off the french doors when they are gone. It is like a little part of them is still here.

Eric is married. Is this possible? Apparently it is, because...he is! I feel so blessed to have such a son and that he chose such a wife! Here's to happily ever after!

After a 34 year break from academia, I entered the arena to finish the degree I started many.many.moons.ago. I shared this information with very few people as I was terrified I would not succeed. I never was a good test taker, and let's just say I haven't improved much, and that my *forgetter* is much healthier than my *rememberer*. BUT......I got an A, I got an A, I got an A!

It mystifies me why I still care about grades. Seriously, am I headed for grad school? Are my parents going to get mad if I don't get a good grade? Um, no. I just need to pass. Could someone remind me of this when I'm stressing about the next one?

Speaking of stress, the most stressful section of my class was the section on stress management.
Is there something wrong with this picture (or this one-credit-hour, way-too-much-work class?)

I loved conference. So much. Can't wait to re-listen and re-read. I needed it.

We were sitting in the rocking chairs on the porch tonight and it was that perfect temperature where you can't even feel the air. So peaceful. There were two huge bumblebees in the flowers in front of us. One black and one yellow. They didn't seem to like each other, and the yellow one liked the snapdragons and the black one liked the petunias. Is this odd? I want to know why.

I love eating on the patio.

I still don't like cats.

I do, however, really kind of like lizards. They are sort of my backyard buddies. But I don't touch them. Ick.

I want to work a puzzle. I was going to this afternoon but alas, I cooked dinner. Apparently the need to feed was more pressing.

I screamed out loud the other day when I walked into a room and the cardboard cutout we got of Ryan for the wedding was staring at me. To say I was startled is, well, an understatement.

I soaked my fingers in bleach the morning of Eric's wedding. Hahahah. True statement.

I have 738 hairs on my head. If one of them isn't doing its job, I'm having a bad hair day. Is it really true that every hair of our head will be restored? I do hope so, I really do.

My computer turns itself off every little while. Annoying, but true. I think I shall publish before I lose this priceless gem.


runningfan said...

I'm so glad you posted this priceless gem! Miss you!

rachbechep said...

i loved this. so fun. and made my morning that much better to see you in my google reader! i just love you claudia!

The Wizzle said...

I'm glad you churned it out too! More Granhopper is what the internet needs, I tell ya.

angieinpink said...

this post is awesome on so many levels.