Monday, February 14, 2011

Day of Love

On this, the day o' love, I thought it would be appropriate to return to the blogging world to express some of the love o' my heart. In no particular order:

I love that when I open my blog, it isn't horrifically purple. Thanks, Holly, for the re-design.
I love her.
I love living.
I love my family.
I love Valentine's Day.
I especially love my Valentine.
I love flowers.
I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I love late night/after date chats.
I love random acts of kindness.
I love Sunday dinner.
I love 70 degree weather.
I love 80 degree weather.
I even love 90 degree weather.
I love rain.
I love light.
I love cute shoes.
I love digging around in the dirt.
I love wandering around in the plant nursery.
I love babies.
I love old people.
I love smiles.
I love hugs.
I love orderliness.
I love reading.
I love having grandchildren.
I love pie.
I love music.
I love hooded sweatshirts.
I love the scriptures.
I love my sisters.
I love my parents.
I love all my relatives, come to think of it!
I love blue skies & sunshine.
I love mountains & canyons.
I love sitting around a fire.
I love birthdays.
I love my neighbors.
I love freedom.
I love having friends.
I love going out to lunch (oh, and dinner and breakfast.)
I love having a plan.
I love hot soup on a cold day.
I love cookies.
I love color.

I love thinking about the things I love. It makes me grateful for my life just how it is. How could I be so lucky? With all the ups and downs and knowns and unknowns, I have a lot to love. Happy Valentine's Day! Have a LOVE-ly one.


The Wizzle said...

Oh maaaaaaaaan, that is such a good list. I love YOU!

The Wizzle said...

(Also, I love your little flowers growing out of your blog title - so cute!)

angieinpink said...

what a delightful post. :)
love you, mama!

Kate said...

I love you as well. Seems to be the consensus around here. :)

Jentry said...

what a pleasant surprise I got on my google reader today!
love it & love YOU!!

runningfan said...

Welcome back! Hope it's been a love-ly day for you, too.