Monday, June 4, 2007


It is hard to quantify the things I've learned as a result of rubbing shoulders with Sandra. I love her like a sister. I'll always miss her. But I'm sure glad I got to live around her for a while and learn from her. She definitely left footprints in my heart.

Things I learned from Sandra:

People always matter more than programs or possessions.

Sometimes kids just need you to rub their ears.

Time is precious.

Being in nature helps us get closer to God.

We need time that isn't programmed to listen to the birds and watch the clouds.

Families are the glue that holds life together.

Little plants are like little souls. (We share a love of digging in the dirt.)

You need to deadhead your flowers. There is a quote by Sue Careless that always makes me think of Sandra..."You know you are one hard-core gardener if you deadhead flowers in other people's gardens." Sandra was a hard-core gardener.

Learn to serve.

Keep it simple.

Singing hymns brings the spirit. Kneeling prayer is powerful.

We learn to do by doing.

Sometimes we think too much.

Painting on cardboard is fun, whether it is with Beehives, Scouts, or any other group of kids. It is OK if it isn't perfect, and it is OK if it gets on the driveway. It comes out eventually.

Life is more fun when you laugh a lot. Presidency meetings are more fun when you laugh a lot.

Put one foot in front of the other even if it is hard. We can do hard things.

Some things are worth fighting for. Sometimes we need to assume the role of advocate.

Sometimes our role is submitting our will to God's will.

Life is good....the zinnias are blooming. (The last time Sandra was in my home, about two weeks ago, these were her parting words.)

I love you, my friend. I can't imagine life without you. Thank you for patiently teaching me.


Toadily Cool said...

Ahhh... that's tender. i also share the love of Sister jones. i know she made it across the ditch.

Spuddud said...

What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful woman! The two things I will remember the very most about Sandra - the virtual potpourri of color in the beautiful, wild assortment of flowers in her front flowerbeds, and her deep, abiding faith in the face of hardship.

And yes, Holly, she did "cross the ditch" safely. I'm sure she was smiling as she did it! And Daniel caught her in his arms when she landed on the other side.

angieinpink said...

aw, that made me cry. i'll miss that girl. she taught me a lot of things too. such a great post. thanks mom.

The Wizzle said...

What a nice tribute. I think that all we can hope for, when we're gone, is that a few people in this world can have such sweet things to say about us.

HooHoo said...

Can we say, Beautiful Blog? You have such a way with words and I agree 100% with you. You also are one such lady. "Cross the ditch" quote did come from here (you and yours). Aren't we so grateful for families and friends. You are a great blessing to our little Annie. Thanks for holding her hands.

granny said...

Ah, hoohoo, you are so nice. I will hold Annie's hand anytime, anywhere that she wants. I hadn't read toadily cool's and spuddud's comments yet when I left for the service. I knew I didn't write it! I was at ASU orientation all day....:) Someday you will have to tell me about how the name hoohoo came about....