Friday, July 31, 2009

More Than One Way....

Imagine my surprise
last night when I
walked into the kitchen
and found this
chillin' by the computer.
Chloe's hands got
cold holding her
slurpee, so
whatcha gonna do
for the poor gal
when the only thing in the
car is the diaper bag?
There's more than
one use for
pull-ups, friends.
And it worked


HollyOak said...

That is my new favorite use for pull-ups. The Slurpees are always too cold for my hands too. I think I'd best invest in some "Slurpee Sleeves"! :)

Stephanie said...

pure genius.

girlygirl said...

You should patent that--and call them what HollyOak said, "Slurpee Sleeves!" I love it!