Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Brigham

Brigham Young
a.k.a. Mark
Kimball Stake
Pioneer Day Celebration

The best part?
He got to ride a horse!
{That would be horrifying for me,
but he loved it.}

Doesn't he just look great
{and right at home}
up there?

Angie spent hours making
these fabulous
signs for her Primary
kids to hold in the

And these...

And these...

Too bad none of
the kids
showed up to hold them!
Way to not be
bitter, Ang.
I was impressed.

And too bad it was a million
degrees outside.
{Even at 8:00...a.k.a.
the crack of dawn on Saturday.}

But it was a great activity.
My favorite part
was Brigham, of course.
My next favorite part was the
awesome brass band.
But I didn't get a picture.

And the pancakes
were a nice bonus too.
{Of course.}


The Wizzle said...

Mark looks fabulous! It's amazing.

Angie is a saint. I would have been so mad (that's assuming I would have made awesome signs, which of course I wouldn't have). They look amazing, Angie!

runningfan said...

Thanks for the pictures! Dad is, indeed, one fabulous Brigham Young. And Miss Angela is amazing! Surely those posters can be saved for another year...maybe in that giant empty closet? :)

angieinpink said...

so...maybe i {was} a tad bitter?

dad rocked brigham.

rachel said...

i love your family. end of story.

girlygirl said...

Wow-Mark looks awesome! I wish I could have been there to see it! And those signs-wow! Good job Angie!

The Roberts Family said...

how fun!!

angie your amazing!!