Friday, May 25, 2007

The Graduate

I officially have five children graduated from high school. This makes me feel really old in some ways. But wow, Ryan, way to do it in style! I could try to list every nice thing that people have said about Ryan in the last few days at various assemblies and activities, but I'll settle for a few of the choicest ones that Mr. Baser, a faculty member, said about him when he presented the Faculty's Choice Citizenship Award/Outstanding Student of the Year" to him.

One of my personal favorites was "he would rather chew off his arm than tell a lie."

"He is the nicest person I know."

"I've never heard anyone say one bad word about Ryan, but maybe that is because I have never heard Ryan say one bad word about anyone else."

"When he arrived at Mesa High he decided to forget himself and serve so the Mesa High experience would be better for everyone else."

"He gets people to work hard and get things done because he always takes the dirtiest job for himself."

"He is pre-approved to marry my daughter." (I heard this one from several people! :) )

"If I had a son, I would want him to be just like Ryan."

Well, I'm glad he is my son. Thanks for being who you are, dude. Love you forever.


Spuddud said...

Way to go, Ryan!

Toadily Cool said...

Hey! this is holly! awesome post! ryan really is so cool...

angieinpink said...

true dat.