Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Green Monday

Well, I got sucked in by the green barrel emptiness again today. Maybe it will become a Monday tradition that all previous plans go out the window when I realize the green barrel is not full. I kind of like being spontaneous, I've decided. I especially like putting off all the "dumb things I gotta do" in favor of doing something I love. (One of these weekends we will mow the lawn and it will be full.)

As I puttered around in my yard, it gave me a chance to reflect on a few things, take some deep breaths of fresh air, and get "grounded" again (no pun intended.) BTW, wasn't it a nice morning? Here's my profound thoughts for today:

Be grateful for every single day you are healthy and can dig in the dirt.

How'd I ever manage to be standing in the right line when they were passing out wonderful kids? I think I got the cream o' the crop in that department. Love you guys! (Nice speech at baccalaureate, Ryan!) I was definitely not standing in the right line when they were passing out hair. Hm. Glorious thought, I have a haircut tomorrow! Now if I can just remember long enough to get there...

In exactly 12 days camp will be over. I know, I know, it's gonna be really fun. It just isn't fun yet. I'm the world's most ridiculous novice about this whole thing. Don't get it, don't know what I'm supposed to be doing, don't like camping. But it's gonna be fun, right? Right?

Miracles happen. Every time I plant seeds and in a few weeks have blooming plants, I marvel at the creation. How does that seed know what to do? There is a saying that goes "Who plants a seed beneath the sod and waits to see...believes in God." It's true. Having said that, I believe in other miracles too...we gotta believe!

Five of my six children will be high school grads this Thursday. Thanks for being 13, Holly. I'm not ready to be an empty nester. I don't wanna grow up.

What are the odds that if you plant a whole row of mixed color zinnias there will be 3 pink ones in a row? Apparently the odds are not that slim.

Grandkids are like the cherry on top. I love being a granny.

I hate grasshoppers. Always have, but 10th grade biology didn't help. I was so disappointed to learn that Arizona has them too. If we have to have scorpions, you'd think we wouldn't have to have grasshoppers.

The end.


Spuddud said...

You are wonderful.

HollyOak said...

You make me smile.

angieinpink said...

oh mommma, you are my hero. no really, i mean that with every fiber of my angie dunn soul. someday i want to be as good of a gardener as you...like someday when i actually have a backyard! oh, and as good of a mom, comic, cook, friend, etc. love your blog. love you.